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Dancing Through Life

"I want her found. And I want her dead.” (Jupiter Ascending)

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I couldn’t resist joining in the T. Hiddy fun.


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The sass is strong in this one tonight

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Some motivation from the doctor.

I definitely needed this right now!

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jrr tolkien rises from the dead to reveal he regrets aragorn and arwen’s relationship aragorn should have wed legolas

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In other news: Jane Austen rises from her grave to claim that she regrets Mr Darcy and Elizabeth ending up together. “Mr Wickham was probs the way to go." Fandom is shocked and confused.

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"One sign of the impending apocalypse is skinny jeans"

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When I joined a couple of years ago, I was quite excited because I was the one with hair. And then Eoin turns up, he takes the hair away from me. And I was the tall one and Tom Hopper comes along.

- Rupert Young (Leon)"
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